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Some DeSantis allies feel an increasing need to start a 2024 bid

By 04/24/2023 9:03 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Republican friends of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claim they are moving “at warp speed” to complete their legislative business.

His operatives are working swiftly to assemble a political team that is a campaign in waiting in South Carolina and Nevada; early-voting states are crucial in a presidential primary.

His most vociferous backers in Washington are also pleading with him to make his White House intentions known right away.

A palpable sense of urgency is growing among DeSantis’ supporters just six months after a convincing reelection raised his national profile.

This is because his party’s emboldened critics, particularly former President Donald Trump, are working to sabotage his presidential campaign before it even gets off the ground.

“I’d want to see him running right now. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., welcomed DeSantis’ visit to Washington last week, which was overshadowed by Trump’s attempts to splinter support among Florida’s congressional delegation. “I encouraged him to get in the race right now,” Massie said.

Massie, one of just three members of Congress to support DeSantis for president in 2024, recognized the governor is waning politically in an interview.

Following Trump’s latest criminal conviction in New York, many GOP voters have supported him.

Due to doubts about DeSantis’ suitability for the national stage, several supporters have paused their contributions.

The six-week abortion restriction he approved earlier this month and the ongoing investigation into Disney, the state’s largest employer, has alarmed some potential supporters who fear they could eventually become political liabilities.

“The only reason there is any hurry is to prevent a third-place contender from winning. Massie claimed that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are currently in a heads-up contest. The more cats and dogs that enter the race, the more money they could steal from Ron DeSantis, which is why I feel a sense of urgency.

The Republican Party won’t formally select its 2020 presidential nominee until its national convention in August.

The first presidential debate, though, won’t be held for a little over three months, yet already, numerous Republicans have started their campaigns.

Over the next few weeks, more are anticipated to join.

Some Republicans say it might be later than DeSantis anticipates for DeSantis, who has operated for much of the year with a quiet confidence that he could enter the campaign on his terms.


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