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Sony Announces Entrance Into Drone Market With ‘Airpeak’

By 11/15/2020 2:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Sony has announced that it will now be ushering into the buzzing drone market with the launch of an all-new brand called ‘Airpeak’. Planning to launch the project in spring 2021, the tech giant has claimed that Airpeak will focus on multiple industries. 

Sharing the news on its official blog, Sony has stated that the drones they are working on will be equipped with imaging and sensing technological expertise and AI Robotics. The company wrote, “The recent proliferation of drones has contributed greatly to the delivery of previously unseen images, as well as to workflow efficiency and energy savings in the industrial sector. Sony has assigned the “Airpeak” brand to reflect its aspiration to contribute to the further evolvement and the creation of the unprecedented value through its imaging and sensing technology as well as 3R technologies (Reality, Real-time and Remote) in the drone area.”

Source: The Financial Express

Through the venture, the company aims at elevating the creativity of video creators to the fullest extent possible, whilst suggesting that the drones will contribute to the further development of the entertainment industry as well as to improved efficiency and savings in various industries. 

Airpeak will also promote this project to enable drone-use with the highest level of safety and reliability in the environments where this has been difficult in the past. Holding back a lot of other information in terms of the kind of products and technology the brand will be offering, Sony also attached a link to the new Airpeak website, which will have to be kept an eye on, in the months to come.

Source: Online Peeps

Sony is one of the most famed companies in the world to have offered the best cameras and lenses. Going ahead, the inclusion of drones will just strengthen its portfolio of photography offerings, expanding horizons for numerous photographers and filmmakers in gaining access to gizmos that live up to Sony’s long-standing reputation.


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