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Southwest Killed my Daughter, Says Mom

By 02/02/2023 2:47 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The mother of an Orthodox Jew who was paralyzed after being shoved from her wheelchair while attempting to board a Southwest flight 11 months ago is calling for justice for her daughter, who passed away about two weeks ago.

On February 25, 2022, Gaby Assouline was traveling to Denver when the incident occurred, as previously reported by Yidinfo.
Even though Assouline had the rare musculoskeletal condition FOP, which made it difficult for her to walk far, she was mobile.

She led a whole life, earning a business degree and fighting for other FOP patients’ rights.

According to her mother, Sandra Assouline, Gaby did extensive research before choosing Southwest for her journey to Denver to visit her elder sister Ariella because she thought they were more tolerant of travelers with special needs.

According to Sandra Assouline, “Gaby wanted to be like anybody who could travel.” She made contact with them and took care of everything, organizing the trip and ensuring they knew what she was bringing.

Gaby Assouline had never taken a flight by herself, so her mother obtained a buddy passFamilyyhe gate.

According to f said attorney Robert Solomon, federal law forced Southwest to give Assouline because the 24-year-boarding old’s permit noted that she needed assistance.

But according to a complaint the Assouline family filed in July, Southwest and its contractors allegedly turned down Gaby’s request for aid boarding the plane and failed to give her any assistance, directions, or warnings about potential risks or dangers on the jet bridge.

Southwest was accused in the lawsuit of neglecting to give its employees the proper training to assist passengers with impairments.

Sandra bid Gaby farewell at the gate and awaited a text or selfie from her daughter confirming that she was secure in her seat on the aircraft, but no such message ever arrived.

Instead, Sandra received a call from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office informing her that Gaby had collapsed in the airport and that CPR was being administered to try to save her life after she had reportedly been ejected from her wheelchair by a malfunctioning jet bridge and gone into cardiac arrest.

Gaby was rushed to Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, where Sandra and Felix Assouline later discovered that their daughter had suffered catastrophic spinal cord damage and was quadriplegic after falling on her head and breaking her C2 vertebrae.

In their North Miami Beach neighborhood, calls for Tehillim for Chaya Gabrielle Messouda bat Sarah resounded, and the Assoulines started a crowdsourcing effort to pay for them.

Throughout Gaby’s 11-month stay in the hospital, her parents undertook significant house modifications in anticipation of her ultimate discharge.

The hospital had instructed us to prepare, and Sandra indicated that the nursing personnel had been scheduled. “We borrowed money to install a generator, adequate outlets, and other required stuff in our home to make it safe for her, but suddenly in early January, they informed us that there were issues and she wouldn’t be returning.”

“Please pray that Hashem would heal her swiftly and make her better than before, that she will be able to walk and use all of her body again,” Felix said in a message on January 9 to Gaby’s friends and family.

On January 22, Gaby’s condition continued to deteriorate. Felix recited the Shema alongside her, and Felix recited the Shema alongside her family was by her Felix recited the Shema alongside her aside e Shema while fighting back the tears.

Sandra claimed, “She was in a coma but could still hear. As he pronounced the final letter of the Shema, “emet,” she passed away.

At Gaby’s burial on January 23, several nurses from Broward Health’s Medical Center paid their respects to the young lady who had impressed them throughout her long hospital stay with her pleasant smile and love of people.

Knowing how many good deeds Gaby inspired during her illness as Sandra is motivated, she was laithankedthankedt. Sinaithanked.

She thanked Instagram user Matthew oEmunah Mondays for rallying a bunch of young adults around Gaby, setting up carpools, and bringing a steady stream of visitors to her bedside to combat feelings of loneliness.

Sandra remembered her daughter as a very family-oriented person who frequently pondered whether her impairment may prevent her from finding a partner.

Assouline’s sadness is tinged with wrath, and the case that the family filed in July will now be centered on Assouline’s passing rather than the original claim for damages to pay the expense of her medical care.


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