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As announced on Tuesday by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, all New Yorkers above the age of 16 will, starting tomorrow, be able to walk in for their first shots at all state-run vaccination centers. 

According to Cuomo, New York’s state-run COVID-19 vaccination centers will open up to walk-in patients who need their first shot starting on Thursday, in an effort to amp up the inoculation drive that has seen a considerable drop over the past few days. From tomorrow, New Yorkers aged 16 and up can walk into any vaccine center without a prior appointment, provided it’s their first jab. As instructed by officials, an appointment will then be automatically made for their needed follow-up second dose if the shot is from Pfizer or Moderna. 

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During the announcement, Cuomo said the state is taking up these measures because “we’re seeing a reduction in the number of people coming in for vaccines. We were doing about 175,000 vaccines statewide every 24 hours. That number is down to now about 115,000 vaccines every 24 hours. The demand is reducing. Fewer people are asking for appointments,” he said. “Remember when we started, people were chasing appointments. You had to be an expert on the Internet to figure out how to get an appointment,” the governor said — referring to mismanaged sign-up systems such as those in New York City in the early days of the vaccine push.

“We are doing everything we can to make getting a vaccine as easy as possible, and I urge everyone to do their part and get vaccinated so we can protect all the progress we have made so far and begin our return to a new normal,” the governor said in a statement.     

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About 45 percent of New Yorkers have gotten at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine to date. As far as questions and concerns regarding the vaccine are concerned, on Tuesday, Israeli researchers have concluded in a study that taking a coronavirus vaccine won’t harm ovary function, and neither will catching COVID-19. Doctors at the Hadassah Hospital on Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus studied the ovaries of women undergoing IVF and saw that there was no difference in function between the women based on whether they were vaccinated or unvaccinated, or on whether they had or hadn’t been infected.



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