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Suspect arrested for assault and attempted robbery in Boro Park.

By 07/08/2020 11:16 PMAugust 5th, 2020No CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Boro Park: A suspect was arrested on Tuesday afternoon following an assault and attempted robbery in Boro Park.

Tuesday afternoon, a quiet summer day in Boro Park, a group of youngsters who have been harassing young local Jewish children, verbally, and even physically in the last few days came to an end after one of them was arrested, thanks to a quick response by the Boro Park Shomrim.

Late in the afternoon, these youngsters walked into a store on 18th Avenue and 57th Street, where one of them walked up to the cashier demanding money and added: “I’m carrying a gun in my backpack”. The store owner refused to full his demand and threw him out of the store while on the other hand, he alerted Shomrim.

After the youngster failed to rob the store, he entered Gravesend park located on 56th Street, just one block from the store he tried robbing, as he stopped a child in the park and demanded his money, when the child said “I don’t have money”, he was punched in the face.

While on the interview with the store owner that was nearly robbed, Boro Park Shomrim received a call with a report of a child that was assaulted in Gravesend Park, Shomrim quickly responded to the incident where they located and apprehended the suspect.

After a small investigation by Boro Park shomrim, the Shomrim members on the scene have learned that this youth that assaulted the child was also responsible for the attempted robbery. Shomrim immediately contact the police who responded and arrested this thug charging him with assault and attempted robbery.


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