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Suspicious Text Message Sent to High School Bais Yakov Girls

By 10/30/2022 1:25 PMNo CommentsBy M. C. Millman

Entertainer, Mendy Pellin, posted a screenshot of a suspicious text written in his name that went out to at least two high school girls, one of whom attends Bais Rivkah in Crown Heights and the other a Connecticut school.

The parents of the Bais Rivkah student became suspicious when their daughter asked for more details and received a response on Shabbos. The parents reached out to Pellin, according to COLive. Pellin confirmed that the message was not from him.

Pellin tweeted, “Parents: If your child got a message like this – it is NOT from my office. I urge you to report it to the authorities. At best, it’s a prank. At worst, it’s someone trying to lure your kid. Best to be safe.”

The message read, “Hi, this is Sara Goldberg from Mendy Palin’s office. We would like to know if you would be interested in taking part in our next video. Here is some more information: our video will take place in New Jersey two months from now. We will be filming in a few different stores in Lakewood. Our office is currently in Crown Heights. We will arrange for you to be brought us by train or bus and we will cover the cost. If you do not feel comfortable coming alone, you may bring a friend, and we will cover her traveling expenses as well. Please let us know if you are interested, and we will get back to you with more information at our earliest convenience. Thank you! Looking forward to having a great time!

The recipient of the text asked, “Hi, how did you get my number may I ask.”

“A friend of mine recommended you,” was the reply, followed by, “I got your number from your school faculty,” after being asked who had shared her number.

Parents are warned to be on the lookout for similar messages that may be an attempt to lure girls into an unsafe environment and to report any such incidences to the appropriate authorities.


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