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Sweden’s police give the go-ahead for the public burning of a Jewish sefer

By 07/28/2023 2:24 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Police in Sweden allowed a lady to stage a public event outside the Israeli embassy where she planned to burn a Jewish holy book, which infuriated Jewish authorities.

The event was set to take place at noon Friday in Sweden, and it appears that the woman was planning to burn a Tanach, as she claimed in her application that the meeting is a “manifestation for children’s rights in Sweden that are systematically violated.”

Following the announcement, prominent Jews expressed their displeasure.

This is the second time in two weeks that officials in Stockholm have given the go-ahead for the burning of Jewish holy books. A man intended to set fire to a Christian book and a Jewish holy book outside the embassy. Later, it was cancelled.

The Kosel and Holy Places Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, stated: “I am shocked and very troubled by the Stockholm police’s second permission for the burning of the Bible.

The horrific acts—both those that have already happened and those that may come—pave in comparison to the inadequate response from the Swedish authorities, who only spoke inane platitudes about freedom.

This is not how freedom should appear; instead, it shows a loss of moral conviction. “I beg the Swedish government and everyone who values the right to free speech to think again.

Act now while there is still time. I don’t make this request for the sake of the scriptures because individuals who possess anti-Israel sentiment have burned them numerous times without any help from outside forces.

The threat to burn a Torah scroll in Sweden has me outraged, said Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen. It is necessary to put an end to the threats against the Torah and holy texts.

“I intend to speak with the Swedish Foreign Minister and make it clear to him that we expect the Swedish government to prevent such events,” he continued.

Ofir Sofer, the minister of aliyah and integration, called the incident “shameful” and claimed that it devalues the Torah’s sacred status and harms Jews all over the world.

According to J-Post, a Jewish leader in Sweden stated, “Unfortunately, the burning of holy books, starting with the Quran and ending with the Torah, is spreading like wildfire.”

This woman is not rational; she is simply asking for attention. She might not actually burn the book, we hope. To make it clear that there is no free speech in this situation, we are collaborating with the police.

Police are coordinating with the event’s organizer and other parties, such as the Israeli embassy, to ensure safety, according to police spokesman Mats Eriksso.


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