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Targeting The Jewish Community Yet Again, NYC Shutters Single Mom’s Business

By 11/10/2020 8:30 PM3 CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Big Apple officials are keeping mum on the mass gatherings held in celebration of the Joe Biden win, but are raining down on Jewish communities who are just trying to get by. In the latest incident reported by Fox News, a Jewish single mother was given no choice but to shutter her pottery business due to prejudiced “COVID violations”. 

Ilana Cagan, a single mother who runs ‘Pottery and Glass Land’ in Midwood, told Fox News that her business was closed late Saturday night, but she, along with an employee was just preparing and packing orders in the studio. Cagan owns a small pottery studio where customers can paint their own glass, pottery, canvas, and wood projects. 

Source: The Times of Israel

Alas, on the very same night officials walked into the shop and confronted Cagan over supposed violations of government-mandated coronavirus restriction measures in which business in “red zones,” are to remain closed. Appallingly, whilst authorities confronted the lady, local leaders ignored, and even cheered on the large crowds gathering at the same time to celebrate Joe Biden’s win over President Trump. 

Trying to reason with the officials, Cagan was trying to explain what the duo was trying to do, and a video of the incident soon went viral. The deputies with the New York City Sheriff’s Office told her they were informed that she had been previously open for classes, which Cagan denied, and went on to say in the recording-  “I have five children. I’m a single mother. I have zero income coming in right now. And everybody else is open and I’m not allowed to be open.”

Talking to Fox News, Cagan added that the city seems to be targeting the Jewish neighborhoods more aggressively than other areas. “I do think that we are being targeted,” Cagan said, adding that she doesn’t know how much longer she can stay closed. I do need a lot of help right now in order to survive,” she said. 

Several leaders took to condemning the act on Twitter, with Donald Trump Jr. calling the pottery shop incident “Truly disgusting!!!” 

Brooklyn Councilman Chaim Deutsch also slammed NYC authorities for being severely biased, turning a blind eye towards the mass celebratory gatherings, and harassing a Jewish shop-owner instead. In his tweet, Deutsch said, “Last night, as thousands of New Yorkers partied in the streets, sheriffs entered this pottery shop, owned by a single mom of five.”


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  • Shmuli Deutsch says:

    It’s really not about Jewish or none Jewish , it’s just that happens to be the Jews as a whole are not compiling with there covid 19 agenda , if it would have been any other group they would do the same thing , yes Ik in other places there people that don’t keep the guidelines but there not a group . I’m not sticking up for none of these phony puppet mayors just saying this isn’t a anti Semitic motive , it’s about the covid 19 agenda which is important from them for a number of reasons the end result being the NWO !

  • Lieb says:

    Its pure anti semitism from same old socialist marxist that hate religion and always target jews. They share all the same characteristics old the old European anti G-d socialist and.communist.

  • Shmuel says:

    Of course they hate us . No doubt !
    But this isn’t about us Jews it’s about there agenda 2030 , NWO , great reset , wake up !

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