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Teacher Fired From Israeli Teachers WA Group for Opposing LGBTQ Kindergarten Resources

By 07/17/2023 12:28 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Israeli kindergarten teacher Sara Yiscah Sar-Shalom spoke about her experience speaking her mind about LGBTQ families on Arutz Sheva.

A WhatsApp group of female kindergarten teachers from all over the nation was one that Sarah belonged to.

The group’s claimed purpose was to facilitate internal conversations about the education of the children by transferring the knowledge, viewpoints, and speech of kindergarten instructors from all around Israel.

Sar-Shalom said that the primary message underlying the materials was all about the normalcy of living in households where the parents are of the same sex.

Before Family Day, the group only came up with materials and lighthearted stories that pertain to LGBTQ and single-parent families,” she added. She also stated that, in her view, there is no justification for bringing up the subject with kindergarten kids.

She explains the hostile and exclusive answers she encountered: “I responded with a surprised smiley and asked why teach this content when there are other values that pertain to Family Day.

Later in the conversation, she stated that, per the messages sent in the group, it was no longer acceptable to give the kids familiar tales where the parents are both male and female, including, of course, Bible tales.

The group manager then sent Sar-Shalom a private message, warning her that she would be kicked out of the group if she didn’t cease speaking out.

As a teacher, Sar-Shalom contended that it would be appropriate to at least bring up the subject for debate and that it is unjust that the only materials distributed to the group are those that support LGBTQ rights and exclude alternative viewpoints.

Sar-Shalom was dismissed from the group after a brief conversation, but what happened next also caught her off guard. “It was fantastic to see that thereafter, kindergarten teachers sent me private messages in which they shared their experiences and offered encouragement.

They are teachers from Tel Aviv who agree with my viewpoint; they are not religious or kindergarten instructors from Judean or Samaritan groups. When I questioned them about it, they revealed that they are reluctant to voice their opinions in the group.

One claimed that she opposed it when an LGBTQ flag was hung in her classroom, but the kindergarten manager concluded that this was the proper course of action. Any other viewpoint is completely silenced in this situation.


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