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Tens Of People Swept Away During Flash Floods In Arava Streams

By 04/11/2023 12:09 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In Israel’s Arava region, many people were caught in flash floods on Monday and were carried away in their automobiles due to stormy weather for April.

The weather, which had been quiet until late in the day, suddenly turned unexpectedly, with thunderstorms sweeping the entire nation and torrential rains flooding low-lying areas.

Vehicles returning from Eilat were caught in the floodwaters at numerous streams in the Arava and washed away as their occupants battled desperately to keep above the water and escape.

The flood waters produced sections of Route 40 crumbled and massive craters.

Tens of individuals were saved by IDF and police rescue teams from the floods.

Three individuals washed from their cars were gone, and rescuers spent the entire night looking for them.

After being carried 8 kilometers away by the floodwaters, one of them, a 21-year-old lady, was discovered in fair condition.

She had managed to cling to a boulder and make it to a dry spot, where she spent the entire night before a helicopter found her.

The location of a brother and sister from Tiveria is still unknown. To find the missing people, 200 soldiers, and Bedouin trackers are scouring the area.

Moreover, the IDF dog unit and additional fire and rescue teams are involved in the searches.

One of the searchers stated, “There will likely be more rain in 12 hours, but we don’t know how much.” We treat this as a national emergency, and the entire system coordinates its efforts.

We are geared up for several days of precipitation and flooding.

The rescued woman stated that she had been with many people in the automobile, which suddenly started filling with water.

The friends abandoned the car and were washed away. She could keep her head out of the water until she reached some rocks for a considerable period. The rescuers later discovered her.



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