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Terrorist Cell Attempting To Kidnap IDF Soldier Busted By Shin Bet In Binyamin Region

By 08/14/2023 8:25 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A recent attempt to kidnap an IDF soldier in the Binyamin area was thwarted by the Shin Bet. Nine Palestinian Arabs were detained in the town of Bidu near Jerusalem in a joint IDF and Israeli police operation on suspicion of involvement in a Hamas terrorist cell.

Nine Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs were detained on suspicion of involvement in the establishment of a Hamas terror infrastructure in Bidu village, which is located close to Maale Hahamisha west of Jerusalem, as part of the Shin Bet’s cooperative operations with the IDF and Israeli Police.

The terrorists’ plans to kidnap an IDF soldier were discovered during the Shin Bet interrogations.

The terrorists also prepared explosives and weapons for themselves, marked the escape routes, and gathered information on the routines of the soldiers stationed nearby.

The attackers also planned a location to conceal the soldier they had abducted. Thankfully, the kidnapping plot was halted by the terrorists’ capture.

The group intended to assault the IDF forces in Binyamin with both gunshots and explosive device strikes, according to the interview.

The terrorists learned how to make explosives in order to carry out their plans, and they even set up a makeshift lab to build explosives inside a house.

Raw materials for the production of explosives and devices, as well as materials to make fireworks, pipes to construct explosive devices, and more, were discovered in the lab, which was discovered and sealed during the Shin Bet probe.

Additionally, Carlo submachine guns and blueprints with the designs for the terrorist assaults and escape routes were discovered.

The gang operated in a compartmentalized manner, ensuring maximum secrecy to avoid their operations being detected given the gravity of the strikes they were planning.


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