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Terrorist Group Found By Shin Bet, Ready To Launch Strikes In Jerusalem And Greater Israel

By 03/21/2023 11:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Tuesday, the Shin Bet reported that it had successfully apprehended a Palestinian terror cell plotting a series of shooting incidents throughout more excellent Israel, including Jerusalem. This arrest came as Ramadan was quickly approaching.

The terrorist cell was allegedly recruiting terrorists for several assaults in Israel and had been operating in Judea and Samaria under the control of Gazan elements.

The cell was discovered over the past few weeks through coordinated operations by the IDF, Israel Police, and Shin Bet.

Tzabri Mahmoud Eram, 40, and Ayman Youssef Khalil Zakkut, 31, both inhabitants of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, spearheaded the drive to enlist gunmen for the terrorist operation.

The two terrorists are affiliated with the Resistance Committees, a pro-Iranian offshoot of Fatah that is thought to get funding from Hezbollah and Hamas.

Zakkut and Eram recruited and trained terrorists in Judea and Samaria before the intended attacks, and they worked to smuggle weapons on their behalf.

Just before the first planned attacks, Israeli officials dismantled the cell and detained two associated terrorists from Judea and Samaria. Israeli officials claimed that the group had been monitored throughout the whole planning process of the attacks and had been apprehended moments before they were carried out.

The terrorists had smuggled weapons, including a pistol intended to be used in a terror assault in Jerusalem in a few days.

Also, two terrorist brothers from Judea and Samaria were detained last month on suspicion that they had been hired to launch a bombing attack inside Israel before 1967.

The two admitted after questioning that they had also assisted in smuggling weapons for the cell for use in the planned shooting attacks.

The suspects are still being questioned, but the Shin Bet clarified that Hamas is to blame for any terrorist activity coming from the Gaza Strip.

“We will continue to act vigorously to foil any attempt by terror elements to encourage military activity against the State of Israel and will respond with determination against all those participating in terrorist activities,” the security agency declared.

As of the beginning of 2023, 145 brutal terror acts have been prevented, 25 of which were targeted at Jerusalem, according to security officials on Monday.

According to the officials, Hamas is spending a significant amount of money arming terrorist groups within Israel with illegal weapons and inciting violence on social media.

The authorities acknowledged that Hamas had successfully fused Judea, Samaria, and more excellent Israel with the Gaza Strip, repeating its success during the Guardian of the Walls campaign in 2021.


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