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Terrorist Shooting Attack In J’lem’s Shimon Hatzadik Neighborhood Leaves 2 Chareidim With Moderate Injuries

By 04/18/2023 8:53 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Two Breslov chasidim were shot in their automobile by a lone terrorist during a terrorist shooting attack that happened in the Shimon Hatzadik area of Jerusalem on Tuesday morning.

They suffered minor to moderate injuries. The terrorist who allegedly opened their car and started shooting at them ran into the neighborhood and is still at large.

Large police teams have found the attack’s weapon and are searching the area for the terrorist, whose image is captured on security cameras.

The two victims, aged 50 and 48, could drive to the neighborhood entrance despite their injuries.

They were transferred to the hospitals in Har Hatzofim and Shaare Tzedek. According to reports, one is in relatively good health, while the other has moderate wounds. Yaakov Ben Pnina and Moshe Yosef Ben Malka are their names during prayers.

In the last 24 hours, there have been three terrorist attacks. At the Gush Etzion intersection on Monday night, a female terrorist stabbed a Karmei Tzur homeowner, leaving him with only minor injuries.

A witness neutralized the terrorist. Terrorists from the Jenin area shot at Kibbutz Maale Gilboa late at night, hitting one of the homes. The event did not result in any injuries.

“I spoke with my father; he’s fine,” the injured victim’s son told Ynet. He visits Shimon Hatzadik’s tomb daily to pray. He will attend tonight’s midnight Kollel with G-d’s assistance. He was scheduled to leave a half-hour before I did, and I was expected to be in the car.

Because of his boldness, he was able to scare away the terrorist who was firing directly at him. My father frequently claims that Sheikh Jarrah [Nahalat Shimon, the nearby area] is full of guns and that the police are to blame.

Due to eviction notices against several Arab residents, tensions in the area are at an all-time high. A 14-year-old girl attacked a Jewish female neighbor in December 2021, mildly injuring her.

After police attempted to carry out eviction orders in the neighborhood in May 2021, violence broke out.

The unrest sparked the Guardian of the Walls initiative and widespread unrest in Israeli Arab towns.


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