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The Apple iPhone 12 Announcement: Lesser Known Things You Must Read

By 10/14/2020 11:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Apple fans worldwide were in for a treat yesterday, with four new dazzling phones that were nothing short of being obsessed with. This being said, as Apple went on to announce the best touchpoints of their shiny new models, there are a few things they obviously didn’t tell us, and we’ve figured them out for you. 

You May Not Feel The 5G Force Immediately

Much like how 4G LTE networks took their time to settle in, 5G is also likely to take a good five to six years to get acclimatized to our technology. Eventually, it all matters where you live because 5G coverage is still very uneven across the country, and will be so over the next few years. So before you decide to take the plunge, check with the presumably updated coverage maps for your carrier of choice.

Source: Atlas Logistics Network

As it stands, Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband features spotty coverage, is in just 50 cities now, and will increase to 60 by the end of the year. The 5G offered by T-Mobile and AT&T is more widespread but not currently much faster than 4G. Verizon on Tuesday unveiled a new, slower 5G, similar to what AT&T and T-Mobile have that it says is available to 200 million customers.

Source: YouTube: The Rajs Tech

The Smallest and The Largest…Maybe

When compared to iPhone SE, which stands at 4.7 inches, the iPhone 12 Mini, at 5.4 inches is really not the tiniest of them all. This being said, whilst the 12 Pro Max is the largest iPhone ever, at 6.7 inches, it is still smaller, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20, which are both at 6.9 inches.

The Real Cost

If yesterday’s price announcements seem to have you enamored, think again. What you’ll be paying for your iPhone, will just be limited to your iPhone. Didn’t get us? Well, now that your iPhone box won’t be sporting many goodies in it, you’d have to shell out those extra bucks on the MagSafe wireless charger, a new case, other accessories, and AppleCare. 

Source: iPhonehacks

The All-New Ceramic Shield

According to yesterday’s event the new ceramic shield from Corning, the same company that has been providing the Gorilla Glass screens that so many people have cracked over the years, is “tougher” than any smartphone glass. 

While speaking about four times better drop protection, Apple showed no proof, nor did they reveal a drop test. When compared to other phones, especially with Samsung, the shield may not be as tough, especially since the company specifically compared the feature to other iPhones only!

Your Dolby Videos May Need Some Tricky Formatting

Yes, the new iPhones will help you shoot breathtaking videos with optimal audios and visuals, but you may not be able to post or share them in an instant. The video files will be in a different format than what’s supported on Facebook and Twitter. 

Source: LADbible

The iPhone 5 is basically iPhone 12’s Doppelganger

Based on a chain of tweets claiming the striking similarities between the iconic Steve Jobs-designed iPhone 5, Jason Calacanis called the 12 a “literal remix” of the 5.

Source: ENgadget

Bye, Bye iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Au Reviour, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Whilst these two models will no longest be sold, iPhone 11, the XR from 2018, and the entry-level SE, will all be available. The XR is now $499 and the 11 is $599. The SE is still the best bargain, at $399.

Preorders for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro open Friday, for release on Oct. 23, while the Mini and 12 Pro Max open their preorders on Nov. 6, and will be available Nov. 13.


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