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The City of Miami Beach Settles Discrimination Case Against Reb Shayale Shteibel for $1.3 Million

By 06/06/2023 1:53 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The Miami Herald reports that Miami Beach officials have agreed to pay $1.3 million to settle a discrimination case brought by Congregation Bais Yeshaya D’Kerestir, also known as the “Keristier Shteible.”

The harassment claimed included First Amendment breaches by the city as well as code harassment concerns.

The city reported that an excessive number of individuals were allegedly accessing the residence and put a police camera outside the house to record traffic at the Shteibel.

However, the City of Miami Beach admitted that it had misplaced the footage and had instead only shown still photographs of “Jewish-looking people” and families who had been seen on the street at various hours of the day during Pesach.

Every “Jewish-looking person” on the street entered the Keristier Shteibel, according to testimony from the City of Miami Beach Code Enforcement.

According to court papers and decisions, the City of Miami Beach requested that the City’s Special Magistrate issue a cease-and-desist order to put an end to the davening.

Only after the federal case was filed did the City of Miami Beach submit an admission of error and reverse the Special Magistrates ruling.

The City of Miami Beach dispatched code inspectors there to film inside, and they also sent inspectors an incredible 126 times over the course of the previous two years, according to further court filings.

According to a person acquainted with the arrangement,

The Herald said that “under the terms of the settlement, the church must restrict the number of automobiles parked in the swale along 34th Street and Prairie Avenue. and that they are not permitted to have prayer sessions using outside speakers.

The last statement is particularly perplexing because orthodox minyanim seldom use outside speakers during prayer.

The Miami Herald falsely claimed that in July 2021, local officials discovered that the home’s ceiling had “collapsed” and declared the structure unfit for habitation.

In a Summary Judgment that was given in the case, the court determined that the city had made several false claims and taken improper conduct.


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