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The entire police force of a Minnesota town resigns, leaving the chief with “zero prospects

By 08/15/2023 12:38 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A little town in southeast Minnesota named Goodhue lost all of its police officers after the chief and other officers tendered their resignations.

Goodhue Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck told Fox 9 that although “I think we’re all a little bit blindsided by it, we’re resilient, and we’re going to move forward.

I’d like to underline that Goodhue will be under police protection, Buck said. That is not a problem. City officials were informed by Police Chief Josh Smith, who will remain in charge until August 24, that no one has applied to join the police force.

Smith stated on July 26 that “this has been going on for three weeks; we have zero applicants, and I have zero prospects.” “I have contacted every police department in the area regarding the younger players. Nobody is participating in the game.

“Something has to change dramatically and drastically, and it has to happen now if you want to keep the PD, and this is something we want to continue with.

One member of the Goodhue City Council commended the police for upholding law and order in the community of Goodhue. “When I say that they offered our community exceptional safety and security, I think I can speak for everyone. We also want the small-town policing they provided back.

Additionally, Police Chief Smith explained to the Goodhue city council that the police department was struggling to attract new recruits due to poor pay and competition from bigger communities.

One of the most significant policing stories of the past ten years took place in Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota.

Following George Floyd’s passing, the final former Minneapolis police officer to be found guilty was given a 4-year, 9-month sentence on August 7.


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