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The Guatemalan FM promises that his nation would be Israel’s best ally in Latin America

By 05/11/2023 2:24 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In the most recent illustration of the effectiveness of faith-based diplomacy, Mario Bucaro, Guatemala’s minister of foreign affairs, declared that Guatemala would continue to be Israel’s most vital partner in Latin America.

The vow was made as Guatemalan lawmakers celebrated their long-standing friendship with Israel this week before their country’s forthcoming elections next month.

Hundreds of dignitaries and guests were gathered at a legislative function, and Bucaro addressed them, “We are very excited to start the week of celebrations for Israel’s 75th anniversary.” Guatemala remains Israel’s most muscular friend in Latin America.

Israel and Guatemala have been friends since the United Nations established a Jewish state in 1947.

Then, Guatemala became the first nation in Latin America to acknowledge the birth of Israel. After the United States did so in 2018, it was also the second nation in the world to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem.

The Guatemalan Israel Allies Caucus organized the parliamentary event, which took place during growing ties between Israel and evangelical Christians worldwide.

The evangelical Christian leaders of Guatemala have frequently emphasized their country’s history and their faith as the foundation for their close ties to Jews.

Ilan López, executive director of the Jewish Community of Guatemala, declared, “We will continue working, hand in hand with our national and international partners, to retain Guatemala as the pro-Israel capital of the globe.

The Israel Allies Foundation’s director for Latin America, Leopoldo Martinez, stated: “We are honored to be joining the Congress of Guatemala to celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary, and are proud to be part of this wonderful story of historic friendship and deep bonds between the two countries.”

The Rural University of Guatemala will award Josh Reinstein, the president of the Israel Allies Foundation, an honorary doctorate on Thursday in recognition of his work in faith-based diplomacy for Israel throughout the forthcoming week.

This is just one of the many ways Guatemala will show its affinity with Israel.

This honorary doctorate, which emphasizes the value of faith-based diplomacy in favor of Israel, is a great honor, according to Reinstein.

“Academic leaders are joining faith and political leaders worldwide in recognizing that supporting Israel is not just biblically correct and politically correct, but also ethically correct.”

The Israel Allies Foundation has become a significant force that mobilizes support for Israel through faith-based diplomacy and maintains a network of more than 50 pro-Israel caucuses worldwide.




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