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The last 15 NYT Articles by Eliza Shapiro Were Hit Pieces Against Yeshivas

By 03/05/2023 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The orthodox Jewish community is under attack by The New York Times, and for once, they are not cowering or keeping quiet.
Jews have reacted to the most recent Times articles that attacked Chassidic yeshivas.

On social media, they have criticized the biased reporters Eliza Shapiro and Brian Rosenthal for their constant, obsessive misrepresentation of the Orthodox Jewish community.

The orthodox Jewish community was the target of Eliza Shapiro’s fifteen most recent articles, which were all hit pieces.

Twitter users have noted that the Times would be branded as racist and intolerant if it handled any other minority the way it handles Jews.

They also draw attention to the risk that the newspaper’s defamatory language, exaggerations, and lies would fuel antisemitism at a time when it is already on the rise.

Don’t overlook that the group targeted by @elizashapiro is also targeted by hate crimes more than all other minorities in New York combined, warned Rabbi Yaakov Menken of the Alliance for Jewish Values in a tweet.

So, these lies are not just unharmful but bigoted and hateful. Shapiro is a bigot, and the @nytimes is the kind of publication that promotes hatred.

“AG,” a well-known Twitter user with a sizable following, tweeted: “Enough. The small New York Hasidic community has been the target of Shapiro’s weekly, obsessive smear pieces for the NYT.

She tries to portray each story as an assault on that group. She is being given a platform by the NYT, which is ridiculous.

Imagine how dishonest and vicious you have to be, he said, for Julia Salazar to call you out.

A staunch supporter of the orthodox community, Joel Petlin is the superintendent of the Kiryas Joel education system. He tweeted: “The Hasidic fixation by the @nytimes is not restricted to a single reporter. Attacking a group of Orthodox Jews is a team mission that any other minority population would never accept.

Nothing suggests that the newspaper will slow down any time soon. Their illogical addiction to targeting Jews only seems to be picking more speed, which is both humiliating and frightening, unless we band together to boycott the outlet’s advertisers and make it suffer financially.


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