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The man at the Center of January 6 Conspiracy Theories Demands Tucker Carlson’s Apologies

By 03/24/2023 9:38 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The attorney for a former Donald Trump supporter embroiled in a conspiracy theory about the events of January 6 demanded that Fox News and anchor Tucker Carlson resign and provide an apology for their repeated “falsehoods” regarding the man’s alleged intentions.

A sign that those who believe in political conspiracies are resisting is the action initiated on behalf of Raymond Epps, which expressly mentions a voting machine company’s upcoming $1.6 billion defamation case against Fox.

Michael Teter, the attorney, claimed to have formally informed Fox of the prospective legal action. Fox News was unable to comment right away.

At Trump’s speech on January 6, 2021, Epps, a former Marine from Arizona, traveled to Washington, D.C. He was twice recorded on camera encouraging protesters to go to the Capitol.

As he was never detained, some have theorized that he was an agent of the government working a “false flag” operation to incite unrest that would be attributed to Trump supporters. Epps informed the congressional committee looking into the attack that he had never worked for or served as an informant for a government agency, and there has been no evidence to support that claim.

But, the theory—first put forth on a far-right website—was picked up by Congress, Fox News, and even Trump himself.
Epps revealed to The New York Times last summer that threats forced him and his wife to leave their home and business and move to an undisclosed location.

According to Epps’ testimony before the congressional inquiry, “the nuts started coming out of the woodwork.”

He has admitted to being seen on film on January 5, 2021, inciting protesters to visit the Capitol the following day.

He stated that the demonstration should be peaceful to diffuse the tense atmosphere. In his testimony, he admitted that what he said was “something dumb,” and he expressed contrition.

Carlson remarked on March 6: “What was Epps doing there? We cannot comment, but we know he lied to the authorities.
In a statement made on July 13, 2018, Carlson claimed that Epps was “on camera repeatedly inciting people to storm the Capitol” when the Times article about him and his wife going into hiding was published. Several who committed that crime is still incarcerated, but Epps is not. It’s a conspiracy theory, though? ”

Teter asked that “Mr. Carlson and Fox News remove the assertion that Mr. Epps was working for the FBI or any other government body when he attended the events on January 6 and the claim that Mr. Epps acted as an initiator or provocateur of the events” in a letter he sent to Fox on Thursday.

Teter asserted that information revealed in court documents in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit might explain why Fox treated his client as it did.

According to Dominion, Fox published false information about its involvement in vote anomalies that affected Trump in the 2020 presidential election. According to documents, many people at Fox had doubts about those theories. Yet, there was also internal worry that the network may lose supporters of Trump who thought the election had been rigged.

Fox has claimed that it was carrying out its duty by covering newsworthy assertions made by the former president and his associates.


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