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The National Guard searches Buffalo residences for storm victims

By 12/28/2022 6:21 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In some regions of Buffalo, the National Guard went door to door on Wednesday to check on residents who had lost power during the region’s deadliest winter storm in decades.

Tragically, authorities faced the possibility of discovering further casualties among melting snow.

According to Mark Poloncarz, the senior official in the county that includes New York’s second-most populated city, the National Guard men were knocking on doors in specific communities in Buffalo and its suburbs as a brutal winter gave way to milder weather.

He remarked, “We are afraid that there are people who might have died, living alone or people who are not doing well.

According to officials, a snowstorm that swept through western New York on Friday and Saturday has so far been blamed for the deaths of more than 30 people.

This region is known for experiencing intense winter storms. There were up to 29 fatalities in the deadly Blizzard of 1977.

According to Antwaine Parker, who spoke to The Buffalo News, Carolyn Eubanks died at the home of strangers who took her in after her family attempted to get the ailing woman medical attention.

Eubanks, 63, was dependent on an oxygen supply. Parker and his stepbrother drove through the snow on Saturday to rescue her because the electricity was down in her home, and emergency personnel could not respond to calls because of the blizzard.

As they were escorting her to a car, she passed out.

Although most of the region’s major highways and suburban roads were reopened on Tuesday, driving was still prohibited downtown Buffalo, and state and military police were tasked with enforcing the prohibition.

The objective, according to Democrat and Erie County Executive Poloncarz, is to have at least one lane open on every roadway by Wednesday evening.

A Facebook group started in 2014, when Buffalo was covered entirely in snow, has grown into a lifeline for the thousands of people who need food, medicine, shelter, and rescue during the most recent storm.

The organization, which five women now direct, has grown to at least 68,000 members as of Tuesday.




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