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The new Starbucks CEO plans monthly store visits

By 03/23/2023 10:07 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

To stay in touch with the company’s culture and consumers, Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan says he intends to work a half-day shift once a month in one of the company’s stores.

According to Narasimhan, who assumed leadership of Starbucks earlier this week, the company’s leadership team should be connected to and involved in stores. He wrote this statement to the company’s employees on Thursday.

While our performance is excellent, Narasimhan stated in the letter that “our health needs to be stronger.” The manufacturing and the artists and theater in front of our shops must be taken care of.

Although the Seattle-based Starbucks CEO’s proposal to work in stores is novel, it is not unusual for major corporations. For instance, once a month, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu and his senior staff make deliveries.

Before the company’s virtual annual meeting, Narasimhan, 55, wrote the letter. The former PepsiCo executive has immersed himself in Starbucks for six months, becoming a certified barista and visiting stores, farms, and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Narasimhan stated that fixing some of the company’s limitations is his top priority in comments sent via email to The Associated Press.

With higher compensation and benefits, he said that a reinvention strategy unveiled last fall is making stores more effective and aiding in staff retention.

Narasimhan expressed his desire for Starbucks to become a more global organization, reduce waste, and move quickly.

He remarked, “My immersion exposed me to every facet of Starbuck’s business, culture, and brand. “Together, we have recognized the potential for a Starbucks refounding.”

Howard Schultz, a longtime leader of Starbucks, steps down in favor of Narasimhan. Last spring, Schultz retired to act as temporary CEO as the business is looking for a new CEO. Schultz won’t be leaving the board of the company.


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