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The New York Times slammed the most recent attack article against Chassidim

By 12/13/2022 9:29 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Leading Jews have criticized the New York Times on Twitter for its most recent in a string of brutal attack pieces targeting Chassidim.

The antisemitic newspaper published an article this week headlined “Why Some Hasidic Children Can’t Leave Failing Schools,” which relied solely on anecdotes and omitted pertinent statistics.

The dishonest article makes a vain attempt to portray the Chassidic community as a bad cult-like culture where men coerce wives to give up their right to choose whether or not to send their children to yeshiva in exchange for a Get.

However, if the details are even slightly correct, the story centers on several tragic custody disputes in which one spouse abandoned their religion or, at the very least, their sect.

The woman in charge of YAFFED, a bitter and angry individual on a campaign to demolish yeshivas and promote hatred of Jews and orthodoxy, is the story’s main highlight, which is even more shameful.

Jason Greenblatt, a former Trump adviser, tweeted: “NYTimes targets Hasidic community-seeks to destroy religious communities.

Cherry-picked journalism, with no mention of the many and very positive features of the community.

Community description that is rude or disparaging. Stop portraying Hasidic and other religious communities as primitive or worthless.

Rabbi S. Litvin of Chabad in Kentucky noticed how the newspaper falsified the images of playing Chassidic boys. This is how the @nytimes portrays Chassidic children, he tweeted—deprived of all life, color, and joy.

Shot to highlight the fences present at all schools in the nation but are much more important at these particular schools and to exclude playgrounds.


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