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The NYC migrant crisis may eventually cost $12 billion, according to Mayor Adams

By 08/09/2023 7:32 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The city will be responsible for 100,000 homeless migrants by June 2024 due to the city’s growing migrant population, and costs are projected to soar to an eye-watering high of $12 billion over the following three years.

In a grave speech at City Hall on Wednesday, Adams pleaded with the federal government and regular New Yorkers to help ease the problem. “We are past our breaking point,” he said.

According to officials, the city currently pays an average of $383 per night to every 25,600 asylum seeker households, including single adults, adult couples, and families with children.

With an average night’s treatment for more than 57,300 people, that works out to $9.8 million every day. roughly $3.6 billion annually and roughly $300 million monthly, according to the mayor.

He said, “This is the floor, not the ceiling,” indicating that the city’s present costs might go higher.

According to updated data from the city’s Office of Budget and Management, expenses might increase significantly from the current projection of $2.9 billion for the same period to $4.7 billion by June 2024.

The mayor said, “That’s more than the $1.4 billion we spent in the previous fiscal year, and it almost equals the budgets of our Parks Department, Sanitation Department, and the FDNY combined.

If nothing changes, we anticipate caring for more than 100,000 asylum seekers by the end of June 2025, which will increase planned spending in that fiscal year to $6.1 billion.

Adams predicted that the updated estimates would significantly increase city costs from the $4.3 billion previously projected through the end of 2024 to $12 billion by the end of June 2025.

He continued, acknowledging that every service the city uses taxpayer money for will be cut. “To meet this need, we’ll have to add $7 billion to our financial plan, and this is on top of what we have already spent on this crisis,” he said. “I told the team at the beginning of last week that we need to do a real analysis of what we’re spending, and we even have to cut that area, so everyone is going to be cut across the board,” the manager stated.


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