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The NYT is criticized for complaining that Eric Adams’ Jewish Council is too conservative

By 07/07/2023 11:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The New York Times is receiving a lot of criticism after once again demonstrating its contempt for Orthodox Jews.

The anti-Jewish daily is complaining about the lack of “diversity” on the council, stating that there are too many orthodox Jews, one week after Mayor Eric Adams announced the creation of a Jewish Advisory Council.

The odd article’s bizarre opening reads: “Orthodox Men Dominate Mayor Adams’ New Jewish Advisory Council.”

The Upper West Side, between Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass, may be the location of the prototypical Jewish New Yorker.

That kind of Jewish New Yorker, however, was hard to find when Mayor Eric Adams recently announced the formation of the city’s first-ever Jewish Advisory Council. Instead, only nine of the 37 members of the council are female, and at least 23 of them identify as Orthodox, which has angered many well-known Jewish figures and organizations.

Leftist Jewish Congressman Jerry Nadler is quoted in the article as saying that the board did not “adequately represent the demographic diversity of Jewish New Yorkers.”

In response, several Twitter users pointed out that Orthodox Jews are the subject of the majority of antisemitic attacks.

It’s interesting that the Times doesn’t object when anti-Semites target only religious Jews and doesn’t pick a “more diverse” group of Jews who embody “archetypical” secular Jews in New York.

Orthodox Jews are typically a minority, NCSY leader Dovid Bashevkin tweeted.

But in New York, antisemitism targets Jews disproportionately. Therefore, if Orthodox Jews are “over-represented” to assist them in reclaiming control of their image, it is because for a very long time, their over-representation was in antisemitic incidents.

The Times’ final quotation from Devorah Halberstam, the Jewish Children’s Museum’s Orthodox head of external affairs, stated that she was pleased with the composition of the council.

People would constantly question why they weren’t involved if they were left out, Ms. Halberstam predicted.


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