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The Pennsylvania State Government is getting ready to implement AI in its daily operations

By 09/21/2023 8:26 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro said on Wednesday that the state of Pennsylvania will get ready to incorporate AI into its operations as more governments try to determine the effects of AI and how to regulate it.

At a press conference held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Shapiro stated that his administration is creating a board to oversee artificial intelligence, issuing guidelines for its usage, and creating training programs for public personnel.

According to Shapiro, Pennsylvanians will look to the state government to comprehend AI, adapt to it, and make sure that it is handled responsibly in the commercial sector.

We don’t want AI to affect us, said Shapiro. “We want to contribute to the advancement of AI for the benefit of our citizens.”

Shapiro’s team intends to launch a two-year fellowship program to find AI specialists who can assist organizations with integrating it into their daily operations.

He claimed that in order to be ready for potential AI-driven dangers, such as fraud, the state’s public safety authorities have already started consulting with AI experts.

With the assistance of Carnegie Mellon faculty, the governing board of senior administration officials would be requested to direct the creation, acquisition, and use of AI, the administration said.

AI is becoming a bigger source of worry for state legislators around the country.

To investigate some of the implications of AI, states like Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, and West Virginia have taken action. According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, politicians in at least 25 states have submitted measures that address artificial intelligence (AI).

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order earlier this month to explore the creation, usage, and risks of AI.

Legislators in Pennsylvania have sponsored a number of AI-related measures, including two to examine the state’s potential effects.

According to one bill, caseworkers would be able to utilize it to help identify fraud and ascertain whether a person is eligible for a government program.

An alternative would be to compile a list of businesses that produce software with algorithmic logic for use in automated calls or voice or text prompts online.


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