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The reelection bid for Biden encounters opposition from some Democrats

By 03/06/2023 7:53 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff
When Joe Biden submitted his paperwork to run for president in the New Hampshire State House in 2019, Steve Shurtleff stood by his side.

Obama and Biden frequently traveled the state to win over primary voters. And when Biden eventually won the presidency, Shurtleff, the Democratic state House speaker at the time, was the one to joyfully seal the envelope containing New Hampshire’s four electoral votes, along with his name, for the United States. Senate.

Shurtleff, like the majority of Democrats across the nation, believes that one term is sufficient as we approach a new election cycle.

When asked if he wanted Biden to run again, Shurtleff responded, “In my heart of hearts, no. “Many individuals simply don’t want to say it.”

The Democratic president has angered Democrats around New Hampshire by attempting to terminate the state’s status as the site of the nation’s first presidential primary.

Yet, they have deeper worries about Biden, which aligns with most Democratic voters nationwide who are skeptical of the 80-year-old president’s intentions to start his reelection campaign soon.

According to a survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released last month, only 37% of Democrats nationwide support the president’s bid for a second term. In the weeks leading up to last year’s midterm elections, that number was 52% lower.

Biden’s age is a concern for many. Shurtleff and others are angry about the administration’s bungled exit from Afghanistan.

Also, despite Biden’s long list of accomplishments, the party’s progressive flank has never been overly enthused about him.

The White House claimed that Biden has consistently disproved the inflated notion that he is weak inside his party.

Nonetheless, there is a chance of a rift between grassroots Democrats and the party’s leadership. While Americans are expressing apprehension about the possibility of another Biden campaign,

Democratic governors, senators, and members of Congress are almost unified in their support for Biden.

New Hampshire, a slight swing state whose electoral votes could be crucial in a close general election, might be an exception.

The state had already contested Biden.

Biden’s disgraceful fifth-place performance in the 2020 Democratic primary resulted from the votes cast here.

His presidential aspirations were reinvigorated with a convincing victory in South Carolina when New Hampshire polls were still open. Biden has chosen the state to host the first presidential primary in 2024.



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