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The terrorist responsible for the 2004 murder of Tali Hatuel and her four daughters is eliminated by the IDF

By 05/09/2023 10:28 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Jihad Ghannam, who was in charge of one of the most vile and brutal terrorist acts in recent Israeli history, was one of the three senior commanders of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization that the IDF killed in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning.

The terrorists opened fire on a car outside Kfar Darom in the afternoon of May 2, 2004, as the Sharon administration was drafting plans to evacuate all Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip, killing Tali Hatuel, who was eight months pregnant, and her four daughters: Hila, Hadar, Roni, and Merav.

After opening fire on the vehicle, the terrorists came closer to confirm the victims’ deaths by shooting them at close range.

The terrorist incident was classified as a “crime against humanity” by Amnesty International, which is not renowned for supporting Israel.

Ghannam’s death, according to David Hatuel, whose entire family perished in the attack, “sends a clear message to the murderers that Israel will always reach those who harm us,” They won’t be able to live in peace on earth as long as they cause us damage.

Hatuel continued, “On behalf of myself and the entire family, I thank God and the security forces for putting an end to the individual who planned the deadly attack on my wife Tali and our four daughters, Hila, Hadar, Roni, and Merav, exactly 19 years ago. “We don’t act out of retaliation; we act from eternal values.”

In 2004 and 2005, Hatuel was a crucial figure in the anti-disengagement movement. He was the head of a school in Ashkelon, but following the disengagement, he moved to the Lachish area, remarried, and is now the father of six kids.

He also founded Tali Beyad Ramah, an organization that aids families struggling with infertility, in honor of his late wife and kids.


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