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The Trump Grand Jury is preparing to take a planned break from the case

By 03/29/2023 5:47 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A person who knows the situation said Wednesday that the Manhattan grand jury looking into hush money payments made on Donald Trump’s behalf might investigate other topics next week before taking a two-week break.

That indicates that, at the earliest, the decision on whether or not to indict the former president wouldn’t be made until late April.

The vacation, which was planned ahead of time when the panel met in January, falls around the public school system’s Passover, Easter, and spring breaks in New York City.

The individual who provided the grand jury’s schedule on the condition of anonymity was not permitted to discuss the private grand jury proceedings in public. The district attorney’s office did not immediately respond to a message left there.

I HAVE GAINED SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THIS GRAND JURY, Trump declared in a statement sent through a lawyer.

The grand jury has been convening on Monday and Wednesday afternoons regularly. A close Trump buddy who may be a crucial witness in the inquiry was observed exiting the building where the grand jury had been convening as it convened on Monday. Wednesday’s grand jury meeting was not scheduled.

The announcement earlier this month that Trump had been asked to testify before the grand jury sparked widespread rumors that an indictment was imminent.

Although Trump’s representatives later claimed that they had not gotten any such signal from prosecutors, Trump himself added to the apprehension by posting on his social media platform that he anticipated being detained soon.

But, the district attorney’s office hasn’t released any information to the public regarding the timing of any potential indictments, maintaining its covert operations for the past two weeks. The grand jury heard testimony from a pro-Trump witness on March 20.

Individuals with knowledge of the regular course of grand jury proceedings have issued warnings that the timetable may alter and that prosecutors may still ask jurors to consider charges or vote on an indictment when they are anticipated to meet on other things.

Only two parties, Manhattan District Alvin Bragg and the prosecutors in charge of the grand jury probe are aware of the actual nature and rate of the investigation. They decide whether witnesses are asked to testify, whether to pursue an indictment and when to do so.

After Trump’s tweet from March 18, authorities have increased security by sending out bomb-sniffing dogs, more police officers, and barricades to block off the streets around the courthouse.


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