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The UK Police Now Have More Authority to Suppress Protests

By 07/02/2023 11:06 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Sunday, British police received new and increased powers, including measures aimed at activists who disrupt large construction projects and traffic with rallies.

Environmental protest organizations like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion, which have staged several high-profile demonstrations near the busiest motorways and roads in an effort to draw attention to the seriousness of climate change, have been roundly criticized by authorities.

In recent years, their protests have resulted in significant disruption for drivers. Police will have the ability to relocate immobile protestors starting on Sunday.

Critics have claimed that the freedom to demonstrate is in danger because of the stricter rules, although the U.K. According to authorities, the actions were taken to prevent “disruption from a selfish minority.”

The general populace has had enough of egotistical demonstrators upsetting their lives.

The chaos we’ve witnessed on our streets is scandalous, according to Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

According to the authorities, protestors convicted of “tunnelling”—or excavating subterranean tunnels to block the construction of new infrastructure works—could spend three years in prison under the new Public Order Act.

Anyone convicted of impeding a significant transportation project faces a maximum six-month prison sentence.

A violation of the law is “locking on,” which is when demonstrators affix themselves to other people, things, or structures.

Last year in the UK, hundreds of demonstrators against climate change were detained. for impeding main thoroughfares and bridges.

Many protestors sat in the center of the streets or taped themselves to the pavement to make it more difficult for them to move.

In addition to gluing themselves to renowned museum paintings or throwing soup at artworks to get the media’s attention, activists have also engaged in a surge of direct action known as civil disobedience.

The protests, according to the police, were expensive to handle and took thousands of policemen away from other tasks, like fighting crime.


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