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‘The View’ Leftist Host Slams Tlaib for Repetition of Lie About Israel Bombing Hospital

By 10/24/2023 4:22 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Joy Behar of “The View,” a fervent liberal, criticized Rashida Tlaib on Tuesday for continually refusing to acknowledge that Israel was not to blame for an explosion that occurred at a Gaza hospital last week.

Behar alleged that Tlaib “still will not admit that that attack on the hospital came from Hamas.” She goes out and lies like Trump, even though there are videos that prove it, Behar continued.

Tlaib doubled down on the false Hamas claim that Israel was responsible for the explosion last week, which happened in the parking lot rather than the hospital.

Tlaib stated that an independent review was required since “media outlets and third-party analysts have raised doubts about claims and evidence offered by both Israel and the Gaza Ministry of Health.” “I cannot uncritically accept Israel’s denials of guilt as fact, especially in light of confirmation from the World Health Organization that Israel has bombed numerous hospitals in Gaza and reports from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society of ongoing threats by the Israeli military to evacuate hospitals,” the author writes.

The hosts of the program also touched on the alarming rise of antisemitism throughout society. Harvard students and others were called out by Alyssa Farah Griffin for saying that Israel was “entirely responsible for the unfolding violence.”

That is the situation that Jews have been in since the Holocaust, not just before. They are among the only groups whose ability to exist is consistently contested, and they must defend it.

Right, left, and in the middle. Since I called it out when it was on the right, I’ll do the same when it is on the left. She said that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar had dabbled in harmful antisemitism.

Sara Haines noted that whereas Hamas punishes its own people with abhorrent harshness, Israel protects its inhabitants, despite her lack of enthusiasm for Israel. She also cited President Obama, who stated that previous Israeli governments had attempted to forge a two-state solution but had always encountered opposition from the Arabs.

You could claim that Israel has dubious policies. Jews have that sentiment. I’ve observed that their policy is dubious. Where is the outrage when it is said that Palestinians live in the open and that their government snatches aid? Israel constructed bomb shelters, but Hamas dug tunnels to intensify its attacks on its neighbors.

The choice is between being pro-coexistence, which affirms Israel’s right to exist, or pro-Palestine. Obama cites instances in which prior Israeli governments made significant attempts to resolve the conflict and pave the way for a two-state solution, efforts that were eventually repeatedly rejected by the other side, Haines said.


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