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The warmest July in three years will burn NYC due to a dangerous heat wave

By 07/27/2023 9:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to meteorologists, New York City will experience a possibly fatal heat wave with three consecutive days of humid temperatures reaching the 90s.

This will make July 2019 the hottest month since 2020. In light of the city’s unpleasant high temperature prediction of 95 degrees on Thursday, which would feel “in excess of 102,” Fox Weather meteorologist Brian Mastro issued an extreme heat warning for the area.

“The mugginess and humidity are going to be the main things people feel. It’s going to feel downright disgusting,” Mastro said. It’s uncomfortable to be outside because it’s hot and sticky.

According to him, temperatures in the Big Apple will stay hot through Friday, with a sunny high of 95 and a sweltering 99 for the heat index. Despite a high of 91 degrees on Saturday and a “feels like” temperature of 98, there will be some relief on Sunday when the temperature drops to a high of 81.

The best course of action, according to Mastro, is to stay inside and, if you can, spend as little time outside as possible.

And be sure to stay hydrated.

According to meteorologists, New York City’s July average temperature is currently 79.1 degrees, which is the highest temperature on record since the average reached 80 degrees in 2020.

Since August 2021, there hasn’t been an excessive heat warning in New York, which is given out when the temperature “feels like” it will surpass 100. According to officials at a press conference on Wednesday, at-risk New Yorkers can find comfort in 500 cooling centers spread out throughout the city.

As one of the deadliest weather situations we see in NYC, extreme heat and humidity, according to NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol, must be understood by New Yorkers. Elderly adults and people with long-term health issues may die in extremely hot settings.


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