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The White House criticizes New York City for offering refugees “no exit strategy”

By 09/13/2023 7:52 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In light of the federal government’s apparent absence of a comprehensive plan to assist US cities in dealing with the influx of migrants from the borders, the Biden administration has criticized New York City for having “no exit strategy” for asylum seekers in shelters.

The shocking criticism of New York’s treatment of more than 100,000 migrants—which City Hall called “a slap in the face”—leaked out Wednesday from an unreleased study by an assessment team at the Department of Homeland Security.

According to reports, the federal inspectors cleared the Biden administration of all blame for the massive influx of migrants, instead blaming the city and state for the problem.

However, the investigation went even farther, criticizing the city for having “no exit strategy” to make sure migrants got out of the shelter system, according to an NBC story quoting an unnamed source.

An alleged DHS officer reportedly said, “It’s not an operationally sound effort,” as quoted by NBC.

A spokeswoman for City Hall, Kayla Mamelak, referred to the most recent remarks from the federal government as “a slap in the face” during a “national crisis that the federal government has refused to take meaningful action on.”

Mamelak expressed her disbelief that the federal government would attempt to place the burden of what is largely perceived as a national problem on one city.

“If America. It would be extremely disheartening if the Department of Homeland Security had requested a municipality to create a long-term response to a national humanitarian catastrophe, she said.


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