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The whole 15-member panel of Israel’s High Court will deliberate on changing the law regarding reasonableness

By 07/31/2023 5:41 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Esther Hayut, the president of the Supreme Court, stated on Monday that the complete panel of the court’s 15 justices would debate the Knesset’s revision to the reasonability statute for the first time, which might spark a constitutional crisis in Israel.

The unprecedented measure was taken in response to eight petitions filed opposing the new modification to the fundamental law:judicial, which restricts the court’s jurisdiction to evaluate government actions for reasonableness.

Basic laws are seen as the precursors of Israel’s yet-to-be-defined constitution because they are more powerful than normal laws.

However, the coalition contends that the Supreme Court violated the standard by giving the court excessively wide-ranging power to influence governmental policy.

The ruling Likud party responded to the announcement by saying that Israeli governments “have always been careful to respect the law and the ruling of the court, and the court has always been careful to respect the Basic Laws.

In essence, the court is passing judgment on the government’s ability to reduce its judicial authority.

These two tenets serve as the foundation for both Israel’s legal system and the separation of powers that exists in every democracy.

Any departure from one of these tenets will gravely undermine Israel’s democracy, the Likud party warned.

Other Likud members criticized the court even more harshly, claiming that if it interfered with government legislation, it would be “the end of democracy.

The reasonableness test, according to the law’s detractors, is a vital protection against arbitrary government decisions or measures taken for the wrong motives, particularly in relation to the


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