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The world’s largest radio telescope is now being built

By 12/05/2022 9:45 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The largest radio telescope ever, the Square Kilometer Array, which will search the skies for extraterrestrial life and attempt to peer to the edge of the cosmos, was scheduled to start construction on Monday.

By testing renowned physicist Albert Einstein’s theories with unparalleled precision and searching the stars for evidence of extraterrestrial life, scientists aim to unravel the universe’s greatest mysteries.

The “SKA” has bases in South Africa and Australia and a command center in the United Kingdom.

It will download data 100,000 times quicker than the typical internet connection speed in 2022.

Fourteen partner nations are working together on it. It will span over 11 million square feet across two continents when it is finished in 2028.

According to a principal scientist of the Royal Institution of Australia, Professor Alan Duffy, the telescope will allow astronomers to see “basically across the entire observable universe.”

The breadth of the science objectives is as broad as the telescope itself, ranging from the hunt for developing planets and evidence of extraterrestrial life to the mapping of the cosmic web of dark matter and the expansion of galaxies within those massive filaments that cover the entire universe.

This long-planned experiment, postponed by the COVID pandemic, is being hailed by astronomers as a paradigm shift in how we perceive the universe.

SKA general director Phil Diamond says, “this is the moment it becomes true.”

It was a thirty-year adventure.

The initial ten years were spent creating the theories and concepts.

The creation of the technique took up the next ten minutes.

The following ten years were spent on thorough planning, site security, and winning government support for establishing a treaty organization and initial funding.


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