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There is no such thing as the Palestinian people, according to Finance Minister Smotrich

By 03/20/2023 2:33 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

There is no such thing as the Palestinian people, and it was a concept established less than 100 years ago,” Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said late Sunday in Paris.

Smotrich asserted he and his family were the real Palestinians when speaking at a memorial service for Jacques Kupfer, a Likud activist who passed away in France from cancer two years prior.

The minister stated, “My grandmother, born to Zionist pioneers in Metula 100 years ago, is a Palestinian. My father was a 13th-generation citizen of Jerusalem.

He said that the BDS and pro-Palestinian organizations lie and distort history, and the truth must be spoken without submitting to them.

The five traits that identify a nation are history, culture, language, currency, and historical leadership, according to Smotrich, who mentioned the principles of international law. Who was the first king of Palestine? What dialects speak the Palestinians?

Has Palestinian money ever existed? Exists Palestinian culture or history exist? There is none.

“Some Arabs in the Middle East do not like that some Arabs came to Israel at the same time as the Jewish Zionist return after 2,000 years of exile. What do they then do? To combat the Zionist project, they create a phony population and assert fictitious rights in the country of Israel, he said.

“It is the historical and biblical truth, and the Arabs in Israel and here at the Élysée Palace need to hear it. It must be heard by the Jews living in Israel as well. They are perplexed, and the White House must also be informed. Because it is the truth and the truth will prevail, the entire world has to hear it, He declared.

Historical data supports Smotrich’s claims: No proof exists that a sizable Arab presence persisted in Palestine following the Muslim conquest.

The Arab population and the country’s overall population declined throughout the Crusades; an Ottoman census taken in 1525 counted just 120,000 residents, and 300 years later, in the 1820s, only 300,000 people were living there. 100,000 Egyptians immigrated to the area during Egypt’s dominance over Palestine in the 1830s, with many going to Gaza and Beersheva.

Al-Masri, Abu-Salam, Ibn Saad from Egypt, Husseini and Tamimi from Saudi Arabia, Faruki and Zouabi from Iraq, and Allawi and Nashashibi from Syria. With the growth of the Jewish population and the ensuing aliyot came an influx of Arab immigrants who kept the names that defined their nations.

These Arabs’ histories indicate that they never formed a single government and share few national and cultural characteristics.

The 2 million Arab Israelis were also addressed by Smotrich, who cautioned them against “polluting the spring from which they take water.”

In contrast to the falsehoods disseminated about us, Israel is a miracle—Jews and non-Jews who reside in the land benefit from what we contribute. See the 22 Arab countries that surround us. Do any of them have a life that they can boast about?

” Did he ask? “Stop fighting against Israel’s nation and people. God is with us, so you’ll lose, and we’ll win,” the minister declared.


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