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“This Is My Joy, This Is Like My Son’s Wedding, His Fate Was To Be A Martyr,” says the father of the Jerusalem terrorist

By 01/29/2023 12:13 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The terrorist’s father reacted to his son’s acts by saying, “His fate was sealed to be a Shahid.

He carried out the horrific attack in Jerusalem on Friday night” (martyr). The terrorist, Alkam K’heiri, was an Israeli citizen with no prior security violations.

I would like to convey to people sitting with me, “This is my delight, this is like his wedding.”

The father said, “Why did they arrest Alkam’s brother when he is a minor? He was bound with handcuffs; this was the Zionist occupation.

I heard the interrogator say, “Pressure them,” but my wife is currently in detention, so I said, “Praise the Lord! My son should become a Shahid, he determined.

The terrorist had previously declared in a post that “we want everlasting conflict; who said that we want peace? The right sniper at the right place is better than a thousand soldiers in battle.” ”

The terrorist was given the name in honor of his grandfather, who in 1998 was fatally stabbed by a Jewish fanatic as retaliation for killing a yeshiva student.

The radical evaded capture.

The incident was hailed as a “heroic action and retaliation for the dead in Jenin” and “an expression of the unity between Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank” by Hamas and Islamic Jihad spokesmen.

Following the incident, celebrations also started in East Jerusalem, where people distributed candy and lit fireworks while posting the terrorist’s photo on social media.

In response to the attack, the cabinet decided on Saturday night to implement several measures, including revoking National Insurance rights to terrorists’ families, granting more licenses for gun ownership, increasing the size of the police and military, conducting general arrest operations, and seizing illegal weapons.

Long-term, the cabinet also approved measures to encourage more community development and to withdraw citizenship from family members who support terrorism.



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