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This Is What You Need To Know About The Delta Variant

By 06/30/2021 12:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

With a rise in coronavirus cases linked to the Delta variant in both NYC and Israel, it is crucial to know what we’re up against at the moment. Originating in India, the Delta variant is by far the most vicious and fatal of all COVID variants up till now.

An alarming rise in cases is being seen across the globe, a majority of which are due to the infectious Delta variant. What is more worrying is that a Delta Plus Variant has started showing up in the country of origin- India, which can lead to further concerns. 

Found in more than 80 countries since it was first detected in India, the mutant got its name from the World Health Organization, which names notable variants after letters of the Greek alphabet.

Source: The Scotsman

As far as experts are concerned, the delta variant spreads more easily because of mutations that make it better at latching onto cells in our bodies. In the United Kingdom, the variant is now responsible for 90% of all new infections. In the U.S., it represents 20% of infections, and health officials say it could become the country’s dominant type as well.

When it comes to the vaccine efficacy in combatting the spread of the Delta variant, several researchers, hospitals, and vaccine makers have found that two doses of the vaccine are protective against the mutant, while one may not do the trick. The vaccines were protective for those who got both doses but were less so among those who got one dose.

With Delta variant-linked cases on the rise in NYC as well, it is all the more crucial to be vaccinated against the virus.


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