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Thousands wait at the US-Mexico border for the restrictions to end

By 12/21/2022 5:23 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Early on Wednesday, while the rules that kept many from seeking asylum in the U.S. continued longer than expected, migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border sought shelter from the cold.

Border crossing restrictions during the pandemic were due to expire on Wednesday, and the federal government opposed efforts by several states with a conservative slant to extend them.

However, the Biden administration pleaded with the Supreme Court to keep them in place until after Christmas, only hours before they were scheduled to be lifted.

Even though hundreds of people have crowded shelters and various forms of safety along the border as the legal tussle plays out, everything was quiet on the banks of the Rio Grande in El Paso just after midnight, where the Texas National Guard was stationed.

When American officials instructed them to proceed to a gate to be processed in small groups, hundreds of migrants who had first collected by the concertina wire set up by the guard dispersed.

According to First Sergeant Suzanne Ringle, one woman went into labor among the crowd near the river, and Border Patrol officers helped her.

There were a lot of kids in the audience, she continued.

Before attempting to enter the United States, Jhorman Morey, a 38-year-old Venezuelan mechanic, said he was awaiting a judgment regarding asylum restrictions.

On the Mexican side of the Rio Grande, he warmed his hands by a bonfire with a dozen other Venezuelan migrants as other migrants waded through shallow water toward a gate in the U.S. border barrier.

When asked about the Title 42 public health regulation, Morey, who recently moved to Juarez, Mexico, across the border from El Paso, answered, “I want them to decide.”

After using up all of his savings, he now rarely eats.

In Juarez, hundreds of migrants were still standing in line, waiting for the restrictions to be eased so they could pass.

Others slept beside the Rio Grande’s concrete barriers. A local shelter was at capacity on Tuesday night, leaving many people outside.

The border remained quiet Tuesday night in Tijuana, where an estimated 5,000 migrants are living in more than 30 shelters and many more renting rooms and apartments, as word circulated among prospective asylum seekers that nothing had changed.

The border with San Diego is guarded by razor-topped barriers that rise 30 feet (9 meters) high.

This makes the area difficult for unauthorized crossings.

Due to the restrictions, authorities have turned away the majority of asylum applicants at the border and expulsed 2.5 million people from the United States due to Title 42’s mandate to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Immigration supporters claim that the limits violate American and international duties to those coming to the United States to avoid persecution and that the excuse is no longer valid, given the advancements in coronavirus treatments.

A federal judge concurred with them in November and set the deadline of December 21 after they filed a lawsuit to stop the use of Title 42.

A surge in migration would strain public services and result in an “unprecedented tragedy,” conservative-leaning states said in an appeal to the Supreme Court, claiming the federal government had no preparation.



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