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Three Jews, One Aged 86, Have Their Bris Milah In Ukraine

By 02/21/2023 10:43 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Despite the constant bombardment and sirens, a unique and moving Jewish event occurred on Monday in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Three elderly Jews, one of them was 86 years old, decided to undergo a Bris Milah and ratify the Avraham Avinu covenant.

The senior rabbi of Ukraine, Rabbi Moshe Asman, acted as the Sandak for the momentous occasion.

Rabbi Asman received an invitation to a special reception for US vice president Joe Biden, who paid a quick visit to the capital of Ukraine but could not attend because of the Bris Milah.

A seudas mitzvah was held at the Brodsky shul after the three Bris Milah rituals, which were presided over by Dr. Chaim Cutter of the neighborhood and performed by Mohel Rabbi Yaakov Guysonowitz, a member of the Bris Yosef Yitzchak organization.

The first man called himself Levi Yomtov, and the second called himself Alexander Avraham.

The 86-year-old man was a resident of the village of Anatevka, and he chose to be named for his two grandfathers: Moshe HyD, who was killed in a pogrom against Russian Jews during the Soviet period, and his other grandfather Eliyahu, who the Nazis murdered during World War II.

At the seudah, Moshe Eliyahu, who had just undergone circumcision, spoke warmly and explained that he had long dreamed of getting a Bris Milah but lacked the guts to undergo the operation.

He continued, “I opted to perform the Bris specifically now during the war as I witnessed the joint duty of Jews in their most trying times.

I also want my children and grandkids to follow the path of Judaism, which offers light to the world.

I was able to get all the knowledge necessary for me to connect with my Jewish heritage in Anatevka. It’s a happy day for me today.



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