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Three people were shot and killed in a convenience store; the suspect sought

By 01/24/2023 11:24 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As they looked for the perpetrator in a senseless shooting at a convenience store in Yakima, Washington, which left at least three people dead, authorities shut down portions of numerous routes on Tuesday.

Three persons were found dead by responding authorities after a gunshot was reported at a Circle K convenience store in Yakima, according to police chief Matt Murray.

Police, according to Murray, has security camera footage as well as store witnesses.

During a press conference, Murray stated that the scenario “seems random.” “There didn’t seem to be any disagreement between the parties. The man simply in and began firing.

Police did not immediately provide any information about the victims, but they did warn that the suspect, Jarid Haddock, 21, of Yakima County, should be regarded as armed and dangerous.

Murray claimed that the man fled in a gray or silver vehicle, likely a Chrysler 200, and was seen driving toward the Highway 24 neighborhood of Moxee.

As the United States experiences a wave of mass killings, the shootings represent yet another outbreak of violence in the first few weeks of 2023.

Murray declared that there was a danger to the community because “this is a dangerous individual, and it’s random.” “We have no ulterior agenda.”

Police gathered on the house across a road from a storage facility on the outskirts of the 140 miles (225 km) large metropolis with a population of roughly 100,000.

Tabitha Johnson normally wouldn’t lock Yakima Riverside Storage’s doors.

Still, on this particular day, with a shooter on the loose, a half-dozen police cars, two SWAT vehicles, and a firetruck parked next door, she was taking precautions.

“I’m anxious. My doors are locked. At the self-storage facility, Johnson was working alone as the receptionist. “I only let in who I know and recognize,” she claimed. She said that security cameras and windows allow her to see who is at the door.

The 39-year-old Johnson added, “It’s extremely frightening, but shootings are nothing new in Yakima.”

According to Murray, when police were called to the Circle K incident, they discovered a second gunshot scene at a nearby convenience store.

The Yakima Police Department later stated that new information revealed there may not have been a fourth victim after all.

Initially, police assumed the shooter fired into a nearby automobile, perhaps hurting a person inside, before stealing the vehicle and fleeing the scene.

I want to emphasize to everyone that this is brand-new. It’s dynamic, things are shifting, and we are continuously receiving new information, Murray added.



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