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Toddler Found Hiding Under Dead Dad In Highland Park Shooting

By 07/06/2022 11:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Kevin McCarthy, 37, seemed to have guarded his two-year-old son Aiden with his life during the Highland Park Independence Day Parade shooting that unfortunately has left the toddler without both his parents.

Irina McCarthy, 35, and her husband Kevin McCarthy, 37, were at the parade with their toddler Aiden when a gunman disguised in women’s clothing opened fire on the Fourth of July celebration, turning the typically joyous event into a blood-soaked nightmare, officials said. The couple were among seven innocent people shot dead during the mayhem. 

Source: 7 News (Twitter)

The child was found by a passer-by fleeing from the shots that were being fired by the deranged gunman. “My boyfriend handed me this little boy and said he was underneath this father who was shot in the leg,” Lauren Silva, 38, recalled. “They were trying to stop the bleeding, so I brought the boy downstairs into the garage. He kept asking if mom and dad are going to come back soon,” she said.

On Tuesday, a fundraiser for the boy was initiated by Irina’s friends, who wrote, “In the aftermath of the Highland Park, IL shootings on July 4, the North Shore community rallied to help a boy who we knew nothing about. We took him to safety under tragic circumstances, came together to locate his grandparents, and prayed for the safety of his family. Sadly, I need to share his name…Aiden McCarthy. And he needs more of our help. His parents Irina & Kevin were killed during the July 4 shooting. At two years old, Aiden is left in the unthinkable position; to grow up without his parents.” 

The child is currently under the care of Irina’s parents, Misha and Nina Levberg, the fundraiser stated. 



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