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Top Highlights From The Google Pixel 5 Event!

By 10/05/2020 6:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Held on the 30th of September, Google made some smashing new hardware launches and announcements in a half-hour-long invite-only event that introduced the Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G amongst other new tech! Here are all the top highlights you need to know about the much-awaited annual event.

The Pixel 5

Backed with a 5G ready hardware, the Pixel 5 sports a midrange Snapdragon 765G processor, coupled with 8GB RAM starting at $699. The camera adds Portrait LIght and Night Sight in portrait to the camera. And with the new phone, Google’s added a big bundle of services called Google One. This flagship has a 90Hz refresh rate FHD display and is rated IPX8, making both waterproof and dustproof. Releasing on October 29th, the device will be available in two colors: green or black.

Source: Eaglesvine

The Pixel 4A 5G

A lesser prized version of the 4A, this mid-range device features a 6.2-inch OLED screen as compared to the 4A’s 5.8-inch OLED. It shares the same Snapdragon 765G processor found in the Pixel 5, but is not waterproof and does not sport the same kind of high-end display. The 5G ready model costs $499 and will be available in black or white, November onwards.

Source: The Verge

The Google Chromecast

The new Chromecast has a new remote with an Assistant button, plus dedicated buttons for high-profile streaming services. It updates the recommendation engine and delivers better search results, plus aggregates your streaming subscriptions. It runs on its own OS called Google TV and will be made available in three colors: snow (white), sky (blue), and sunrise (salmon pink) at a price of $50.

Source: TechHive

The Nest Audio Speaker

Priced at $99, Google’s latest smart speaker- the Nest Audio, is covered with Google’s almost-signature mesh fabric used in previous speaker models. Google claims the Nest Audio is 75 percent louder than the Google Home it replaces and has a 50 percent stronger bass response. Its enclosure is made from 70 percent recycled plastic. The device is available in Sage, Sky, Chalk, Sand, and Charcoal color variations. 

Source: 9to5Google


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