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Transportation Revolution’ in Israel is Just One of Many, According to Netanyahu

By 08/20/2023 6:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Speaking at Sunday’s Cabinet meeting in the wake of Friday’s opening of the Tel Aviv Light Rail system, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised what he called Israel’s “transportation revolution,” calling it just one of many “revolutions” his government has undertaken.

Israel has become one of the most developed nations in the world as a result of the revolutionary reforms that have been carried out during the 16 years that I have served as prime minister, according to the prime minister.

In a statement announcing the light rail’s debut, he claimed that “about 100,000 Israelis rode the new light rail. They have talked endlessly about building a light rail system in the Greater Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area ever since the state was founded, but we really did it.

“With the seaports we’ve built, the open skies policy we’ve led—which you led, Minister [of Energy and National Infrastructure Israel] Katz—international airports we’ve built and expanded, flights over Saudi Arabia that have significantly cut the travel time to the Gulf states and Asia, and more, we’ve already transformed Israel into an international transportation hub.

The prime minister declared, “Truly, this is a new Middle East. In addition, Netanyahu attributed his administration with transforming Israel into a financial power through its “free-market revolution,” an energy power through its “gas revolution” (referring to the development of offshore natural gas), and a water power through its advancements in desalinization.

Israel has evolved into a cyberpower and a “power for peace” as a result of the Abraham Accords, the prime minister continued.

According to Netanyahu, the government is now concentrating on a revolution in the cost of living by lowering tariffs and removing import restrictions.

He noted that credit rating agencies continue to be bullish on the Jewish state even as they reduce the ratings of big nations, claiming that Israel’s economy is solid while others are struggling.

They notice, he continued, “our low unemployment data, our high growth, the significant investments made in Israel by Intel, Amazon, and Nvidia, the new businesses searching for more subsea gas, and more.”

The greatest security agreement in Israel’s history, the Arrow-3 deal worth NIS 14 billion ($3.5 billion), was signed last week with Germany. According to Netanyahu, this agreement embodies the profound revolution in Israel’s standing more than any other.

This agreement demonstrates the profound transformation that has taken place in our people, who were powerless to stop the Holocaust but are now in high demand worldwide.


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