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Trump and DeSantis jab at each other on the campaign trail in their first dueling appearances as 2024 candidates

By 06/01/2023 5:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Thursday, former President Donald Trump continued to attack his main competitor, Ron DeSantis, seizing on the Florida governor’s comments made while campaigning to try to highlight his own advantages as the front-runner of the GOP.

Trump, who was campaigning in Iowa while DeSantis was in New Hampshire, made a point of inviting 200 conservative club members to ask him questions at a restaurant in the Des Moines area.

This offer came shortly after DeSantis yelled at a reporter from the Associated Press for asking him why he didn’t take questions from attendees at his events.

Many politicians refuse to field inquiries.

They deliver a speech,” Trump stated to the gathering, many of whom were wearing red hats that supported his political movement, “Make America Great Again.”

DeSantis said that it felt like it would take two terms in the White House to properly turn back the policies of the Biden administration.

Trump, who can only serve one more term, attempted to capitalize on this statement.

When asked about the former president’s remark on Thursday afternoon as he was leaving a voter engagement in Rochester, DeSantis pointed out that Trump has already had a chance to address the country’s issues during his first term in office.

Why did he not do it during his first four years? “In their respective campaign appearances on Thursday, Trump attacked DeSantis and vowed to use his return to the White House to swiftly finish the work of his predecessor, while the governor held back on his comments and direct criticism in favor of pitching to nationalize his combative governing style.

Both men present themselves as the more tenacious champions of conservative ideas and the best hope for their party to prevent Biden from winning reelection in 2016.

Since DeSantis declared his presidential candidacy last week, both were out meeting voters for the first time on Thursday.

DeSantis did not take questions from the audience after his first event on Thursday in Laconia, New Hampshire, as is customary for presidential candidates running in the state with the nation’s first primary.

DeSantis similarly declined to answer any questions from Iowa voters on the spot when he visited the state earlier this week.

Afterward, as DeSantis posed for photos and shook hands with voters, an AP reporter questioned him about why he wasn’t answering questions from them.


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