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Trump Lawyers Hit Election Probe After Grand Juror Speaks

By 02/23/2023 4:41 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After this week’s disclosure by the chairperson of the special grand jury convened to assist the investigation, the attorneys for former president Donald Trump in Georgia have criticized the Fulton County investigation into alleged illicit election meddling.

The first interview with Emily Kohrs to speak out was published by The Associated Press on Tuesday. Interviews with Emily Kohrs then appeared in various print and broadcast news stories.

She provided details about what transpired in the jury chamber behind closed doors, including how certain witnesses behaved, how the prosecution engaged with witnesses, and how some witnesses exercised their right to remain silent.

Despite reservations about the panel’s deliberations from the outset, Trump attorneys Drew Findling and Jennifer Little claimed they remained silent out of respect for the grand jury procedure. Yet, they claimed that Kohrs’s revelations pushed them to speak up this week.

In an interview with the AP on Wednesday night, Findling stated, “the ultimate result is that the credibility of anything that has gone place there is absolutely polluted and brought into doubt.”

He claimed that despite being a member of “a failing system,” he had “no chagrin for a 30-year-old foreperson.”

He claimed she resulted from a circus masquerading as a special-purpose grand jury.

Findling and Little claimed they are on top of all the legal issues in the case and are keeping their options open.

The special grand jury was appointed at the request of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is looking into possible criminal activity by President Trump and his Republican allies while attempting to reverse Georgia’s close 2020 election loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

The panel lacked the authority to indict, but it may make recommendations to Willis, a Democrat who will eventually decide whether to ask a regular grand jury to issue indictments.

Kohrs’ media appearances have received no comment from Willis’ office other than that they were unaware of her plans. On Thursday, spokesperson Jeff DeSantis likewise failed to respond to comments made by Findling and Little.

Findling and Little expressed concern that the special grand jury, which they claimed was meant to base its recommendations to the district attorney on evidence and testimony presented in the jury room, had been permitted to watch and read news coverage of the case and was therefore aware of some witnesses’ attempts to avoid testifying.

Kohrs claimed that prosecutors advised the jury members to keep an open mind while allowing them to read and watch the news.

Kohrs was quite animated in television appearances, occasionally laughing or making faces, and provided many entertaining anecdotes from the proceedings.

The district attorney’s office, which was counseling the special grand jury, according to Findling and Little, could have done a better job of informing the grand jurors about the seriousness of the procedure as well as the guidelines and restrictions.

It’s not a joke, Findling declared. It’s not something to laugh about. It’s not a situation to smile about.

Trump himself blasted Kohrs for “going around and doing a Media Tour revealing, incredibly, the Grand Jury’s inner workings & thoughts” in a post on his social media network on Wednesday, calling the Georgia investigation “ridiculous, a strictly political continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time.”



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