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Twitter Is Currently Testing Two New Features: Know More About Them

By 02/07/2022 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In an attempt to make the app a lot more user-friendly, Twitter is currently running two test features out of which the first will allow users to downvote and flag irrelevant tweet replies, and the second will allow users to slide into your inbox through a link on your tweets.

First off, the social media giant is experimenting with a downvoting feature that allows users to flag offensive, irrelevant tweet replies. Initially, this feature is available to selected web users but the company says that it will soon bring this feature of downvoting to iOS and Android users.

Source: The Indian Express (Twitter)

“A majority of our users shared that the reason they clicked the down arrow was either because the reply was perceived as offensive, or because they perceived it as not relevant, or both,” said Twitter.

To use the feature, you can click on the dropdown menu of any tweet and flag it accordingly. Currently, you can mute, block or report any tweet or a Twitter user. You can also mark not interested if it does not suit your taste.

Next up is a slightly unsettling feature that will allow users to bypass the DM button on your profile and slide directly into your DM’s through a link on your tweets.

The problem here is instead of having to click through to your profile to get to your inbox, users can share their thoughts through a private message without ever having to leave the timeline, making users more susceptible to harassment.


As it stands, the feature is specifically being tested for iOS users, and it’s not clear if there will be an option for users to turn the feature off for safety and privacy reasons.



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