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Twitter Reports 95% Rise in Action Against Policy Violations

By 08/23/2020 12:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In a biannual transparency report floated by Twitter with the launch of the ‘Twitter Transparency Center’, the company has shown a 95% increase in accounts actioned for violating its abuse policy, a 47% increase in account locks and suspensions and a 54% increase in accounts actioned for violating hateful conduct policies, among others.


Timed alongside the release of the ‘Twitter Transparency Center’, this report covers a cumulative data of the second quarter or H2 of 2019. The delayed launch of the ‘Twitter Transparency Center’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been set up as a means of making reporting more easily understood and accessible. 


The company has specified that the improved tools and detailed policies have led to a more proactive spotting and deletion of content violations through human review. As a result, this period saw the largest increase in the number of accounts actioned under Twitter’s abuse policies. 


After launching the new ‘dehumanization policy’ in July 2019, Twitter pointed out that increased actions were taken up with regard to accounts and tweets that demonstrated and propagate hateful conduct. 

Due to increased implementation of its violation rules and policies in the period, Twitter managed to efficaciously deter the posting of sensitive media/adult content (enforcement actions were up 39%), suicide & self-harm (enforcement actions up 29%), doxxing (enforcement actions up 41%) and non-consensual nudity (enforcement actions up 109%). Twitter also actioned 60,807 accounts for violating policies around regulated goods or services.


Just another social media platform, Twitter continues to see controversial political posts, constant threats posed towards users, propagation, and criticism of fringe beliefs, racist, sexist and toxic content, and a constant rise in polarization. Centering its attention towards these issues, the company has taken efforts to amp up its policies, in a bid to make the platform a safer space for debate and exchange of ideas. 


In a detailed blog that highlighted the launch of the new center, the company wrote, “Our work to increase transparency efforts across the company is tireless and constant. We will continue to work on increasing awareness and understanding about how our policies work and our practices around content moderation, data disclosures, and other critical areas.”


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