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Twitter suspends a well-known Jewish podcaster for saying that “every Jihadi terrorist is a Muslim”

By 06/13/2023 8:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Chanale Fellig, a well-known Charedi podcaster and the host of the “Weekly Squeeze” Podcast, was banned from Twitter for one week for making what appeared to be factual statements.

“Not every Muslim is a Jihadi terrorist, but every Jihadi terrorist is a Muslim,” Chanale tweeted.

The post was reported for breaking social media companies’ “hateful conduct” guidelines.

On June 5, Fellig responded to Muslim journalist Muhammad Shehada. Shehada posted that day about the Egyptian soldier (HY’D) who ruthlessly murdered three Israeli troops, though it is unclear to which tweet she was reacting.

Shehada tweeted: “Makes the blood boil how this crap gets published so easy in #Israeli media where a Koran is deemed an indication of “extremism” in reaction to a J-Post headline that revealed the obvious—that the terrorist was found with a Koran, “a sign of extremism”!”

Imagine someone saying anything similar about the Torah or the Bible, he added. SHAME! No! Almost every Muslim soldier in Egypt has a Quran stashed away in his pocket.

Despite not being traditional, Egypt has a strong religious culture. Long lines of devotees extending from the mosque would be visible to anyone who has ever witnessed a Friday prayer in Egypt.

Before Elon Musk took control of Twitter, the censorship board frequently suspended conservative accounts and repressed free speech. On the other hand, Musk has turned it into a forum for free speech; therefore, one wonders if he will get engaged in this situation.

Chanale refers to herself as the “queen of Jewish Twitter.” When Chanale is not busy being a supermom to her Israeli children and making music, she delves deeply into Jewish culture, according to her bio on her podcast website.

You’ll learn about it here first if it’s happening in the Jewish community. Always attractive, heavy on humor, and low on sarcasm.


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