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Twitter users criticize Ben Shapiro for praising the Christian Prayer Festival

By 03/13/2023 9:55 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After giving a Christian prayer festival high acclaim for his well-known right-wing talk program, Ben Shapiro received a harsh reaction on social media.

According to Shapiro, the Asbury Revival in Kentucky was “one of the most amazing things” he had ever witnessed. Even a type of comparison to his trip to the Kosel in Jerusalem was made by him.

On Twitter, Pesach Lattin replied, “I cannot help but be extremely worried by” Shapiro’s remarks.

It is reasonable that many Orthodox Jews continue to oppose everything connected to the New Testament, even if it seems to be a good thing, he continued.

Shapiro’s devotion to his religion or affection for his fellow Jews are unquestionable, but I think his support of the Right Wing Christian Asbury Revival.”

Shapiro, an orthodox Jew, was reported in “Israel Today,” appreciating the occasion and speculating why the media have not covered it.

There was this incredible event at Asbury University, he remarked. Over 13 days, it has attracted tens of thousands of people to this little Kentucky town merely to pray.

This isn’t political. It is not a significant Trump event. It is not an essential right-wing gathering. It’s just a group of individuals who gathered at a church and did nothing but pray continuously for the next two weeks.

“Remarkably, this has not received extensive media coverage in the sense that it is a media story when 50,000 people travel to a tiny town merely to pray and find connection with each other and G-d,” Shapiro continued.

Religion requires conversing with people. It occurs in churches because of this.

This is why the Talmud states that a minyan of ten men is required to perform specific components of Jewish prayer.

“Worshiping alongside tens of thousands of other people can be joyful. I’ve done it myself when I visit the Kotel on a Friday night, Israel’s Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Lattin responded by tweeting:

“While I appreciate that he understands the value of group worship and the need for religion to be more than just a personal experience, I cannot deny that this revival’s foundations are in Christian doctrine.

Christians who have used their religion as an excuse for their hatred of Jews have subjected Jews to centuries of persecution and discrimination. Several passages in the New Testament, which form the basis of Christian doctrine, are highly unpleasant to Jews and have been used to justify violent crimes against us.

Therefore it makes sense that many Orthodox Jews continue to reject anything related to the New Testament, even if it seems to be a good idea.

Shapiro’s devotion to his religion or compassion for his fellow Jews is not disputed, but I think he made a mistake by endorsing the Right Wing Christian Asbury Revival.

Furthermore, he is mistaken when he likens the revival to praying at the Western Wall. The Western Wall is a place of immense spiritual significance for Jews, it is true, but it does not have a Christian theological foundation, so it is not under the same scrutiny as the Asbury Revival.

The Holy Presence resides amid ten men studying Torah together, according to the Talmud (Pirkei Avot 3:6). For Jews, this is the heart of communal devotion. For motivation or to feel the presence of G-d, we don’t need to go to Christian events.

While I admire Ben Shapiro’s commitment to and understanding of the value of communal worship, I must criticize his support of the Asbury Revival.

As Jews, we must continue to guard against the perils of Christian doctrine and uphold our dedication to our customs and practices.


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