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Two people are killed, and a child is hurt when a hot air balloon catches fire outside of Mexico City

By 04/03/2023 10:45 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

When the hot air balloon they were traveling in over a pre-Aztec archaeological site caught fire, two adults perished, and a girl was hurt.

According to a video shared on social media, the balloon was in Teotihuacan’s air, located approximately 30 miles northeast of Mexico City.

The married couple, a man and a woman, either fell from the burning balloon or jumped. Authorities reported that the girl broke her arm and had burns on Saturday.

Whether a pilot was present at the moment was unknown to the authorities. Authorities stated that the two fatalities were a husband and wife who were 50 and 38 years old, respectively.

The couple was identified as José Nolasco and Viridiana Becerril, while the girl was identified as Regina by the mayor’s office of San Juan Teotihuacán.

In a statement, local authorities expressed their condolences to the family, friends, and acquaintances of José Nolasco and Viridiana Becerril, who passed away this morning due to the collapse of a hot air balloon in Teotihuacán.

Regina has our support and our wishes for a quick recovery.

Above San Juan Teotihuacán in the State of Mexico, which borders Mexico City, the balloon caught fire.

From the first and seventh centuries A.D., the sacred city of Teotihuacan flourished. According to UNESCO, it was destroyed by fire and then abandoned.

According to UNESCO, which designated it a World Heritage site in 1987, the location is famed for its Temple of Quetzalcoatl, Pyramid of the Sun, and Pyramid of the Moon, all designed following astronomical occurrences.

In its prime, it had a population of 100,000 and occupied an area of 8 square miles. A common vantage point from which to see the renowned structures is from a hot air balloon.

The authorities are looking at the accident’s cause.



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